brrruuuaaahhhhhhh. We r taking abut chamars here cunt ,u can move ur ass out of here sucker, Here Are some some list of chamar surnames, 1.Sampla A powerful online presence will spread our message. Sabne. Being overtly proud of your caste is pointless. These positions are not given to persons by virtue of their caste alone because they still have to pass their competative examinations and interviews to be appointed from the scheduled castes. Identification. Pathetic people have made this system ages ago, when hardly any one was educated then, Im a Sharma (Brahmin) .. And I hate this bs, we should we proud that we are Indians ! Shegokar. Thats pretty hilarious from where I stand. Most officers, from the non- schedules castes, however, in the Indian Administrative take bribes and build fine homes and buying profitable plots of lands, amongst other investment schemes because often they can relate to those higher than them or their political masters who come from similar castes as them and are able to share their illgotten gains and thus get protection from ramification of corruption. You are all foreigners in India and do not belong to India. No, we are not. Medal and parihar are also chamar surname. If someone is discriminatory, pls make a police complaint so that he is amply harrassed and learns a good lesson. You abviously dont know sikh history. I think every caste should proud of their history. Tabhi wha ke log hamse aage hai kyu ki wha pe caste ya dharam nahi balki talent dekha jaata hai .. Rustic people, Tum jaise log is Desh ki kabhi ek jutt nahi hone doge mujhe nahi pta ki tumahri umr kya hai or ye zarur pta hai ki tum or tumhare Parivar ki bhi soch tumhari terha gandi hogi, Saleyo khatriyo brahmano te vaishyao tenu pta ni saleyo u r not indians u r aryans yo russia se aye hai saleyo e tera ni sada desh hai tohe saleyo anjraje kola b gande ho une tf share aam luteya hi bt tuhe saleya religion da sahara leya india gi lutne ch, abe tum saalo to reservation ki vajah se select ho jaate ho.varna chamaro me aakal kaha, Hum reservation ki wajah se select ho jaate hai. Varna is a Sanskrit word means work.Varna does not mean any caste. Chamar/ jatav also use verma,kadam,kardam,nim,kashyap..etc. you might always adjust the display quality through her numerous image controls which have been laid out inside People like you give me hope that not everyone in this world is bad. ALL DALITS AND BALMIKIS AND SC & ST ARE GETTING PRIVILEGES WHICH IS NOT A HEALTHY PRACTICE IN INDIA. Sharma ji . List of Scheduled Castes in Uttar Pradesh. Therefore, it is a humble request to give maximum donation and cooperate in this social pious work by giving your contribution. Kakade. I have made many comments on this subject in this website; he is well advised to read them particularly why caste names are shared across caste under anonymous and the Illuminated. If chamars share surnames with some brahmin castes then this is because these chamars originally belonged to brahmin castes, who were outcasted because they broke brahminical rules, or they revolted against brahminism and were punished by being thown out and made pariahs. Majority of your community disagree with you al and do not want anything to do with you. SC are not Shudra Shudra have been kings like Raja Ranjit Singh and Shivaji . lightning strikes frisco tx chamar caste surnames list in up. A man can add Singh hats off to your knowledge but you missed somthing Classical example the chauhans or chohans. as well as frame transition which are unbelievably clean and smooth Our Sikh Gurus also went against Hinduism and preached the same message as Bhagat Ravidas Ji unity, casteless society, righteousness, rejection of Hindu religion, politics and rituals. chamar caste surnames list in up. Waheguru will bless you for you you will be a true spoot puttarof sikh Gurus. Why the scheduled caste officers are being blamed for threefold increased corruption is completely unjustifiable. yes,my mummy last name summan,please adding. In conditions of on-line, it supplies four HDMI inputs In SC n higher caste also. Chamars were not castist or racist they were forced to become castist and racist by Sikhs. And break the chain of sub caste and lets start roti and beti vyavhar among rohidas caste/ samaj only. We all now need to work to eradicate the system in its entirety. (your previous generations, you dont even have balls to touch us as we rule the govt jobs, politics, policy making, parliament and even the vote bank to make or break the Indian Govt.). Gali Gali Se Ayi Awaaz, Jai Ravidass, Jai Ravidass! Meet surname is not in the list. R. K. Pruthi suggests this is in the hope that they might in future be considered as Julaha by other communities. vo esliye de rhi hai kyuki unko dena padega. Miss Pooja makes a song and we all get excited. brahmin married sudra biash born . Your contribution proves you are a village idiot. i think u shuld tell them proudly that u are chamar . You have your own new religion now so its about time you stop going on about your identities and start respecting what you believe. Jatts diots such you are not fit to be sikhs and only disgrace the sikh religion. Take land, over 90% of the land in India is controlled by the thakurs, who are also in politics and business. The districts of, This page was last edited on 4 March 2023, at 19:46. I am a chamar but my surname #bhoriya Najardhane. thanks. Last months analysis of top 100 talented persons in the world: Cambridge University London displayed the list. I am a jatt. Mai Maneesha, Mai chahata hu ki ishwar hame divya jaishi beti (doter )de ? I dont know how to get it into your head but you cant list these as Chamar names. Virtually all the fighters remaining and their families were taken into the middle east so that they can never rise again in India. My sole belief is treat others how you expect to be treated. we are in NJ, USA. Virk my email id is Maharaja ranjit singh was a sandhu. as fas i know .Bhardwajs are not chamar .. ? Like the particular UN55B8000, it even offers a Content material but if sum people think that the chamars r lower caste or inferior , then add me to the community and d caste of chamars. This is why we talk about caste so much, because we have suffered the most from it, it has shackeled us for generations. ARE YOU THAT FUCKING LOW AND IGNORANT NOT TO KNOW WHO YOU SHITS REALLY ARE? This last name occurs mostly in Asia, where 100 percent of Julaha live; 94 percent live in South Asia and 94 percent live in Indo-South Asia. Cast should be eradicate. Aur dosto me aapko bta du me Batwal community se hu jisko pehchan ki jaruart sayd nhi hai eminient persons of batwal community are as under. so admin i just wanted to knw that how could it b possible??? 2.Mamman Bcoz baki chamar sirname . [34] In 2011, several politicians demanded that it be revived.[35]. levels as well as accurate designs. Even as your brahmin brothers got thrown out they still, however, kept their surnames and hence explains why chamars share surnames. Im from a GC but here in the uk nobody bothers. We r Land Lord of Jalandhar we have 40 killa land nd living good life we have land in Delhi nd Harayana too. sandhu were and are chamar also. Farmers, labourers, carpenters, gold smiths, potters, leather tanners, craftsmen and artisans were all grouped into one Varna called Sudra. The Kumhars are a Northern Indian ethnic tribe that inhabits the Punjab, also related to Brahma god. Abhi to napi hai muthi bhar jameen hamne, Nobody likes oppression and it should not be tolerated. Sikhs from our community have contributed so much to Sikhism that they had no need to do what ravidassias are doing today. Bhagat Ravidas Ji gave his bani to Guru Nanak Dev Ji, he never gave it to any pakhandi/false/fake baba. No one will spit on you if you were on fire should you carry on having so much hatred towards fellow human beings. Vairry nu puttha tangiye.. The problem with you is you do not know what the truth is and when the truth is being told to you, you resent it and it perplexes you because you do not want your surname to be associated with low castes because of your pride. The Jatavs are an endogamous caste of the Chamar, or leather worker, category of castes in India.Because of the polluting occupation of leather worker they rank among the Untouchable castes close to the bottom of India's caste hierarchy. Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh. Being a chamar does not make you apart of ravidassia religion. aaj ka democracy sab ko equal chance deta he padne ka lekin kuch log padhte to nhi lekin jaat k niche job lekar sahab sahab bankar kar ghum rhae he. They need to break this taboo, once a tiger is free from this trap, you are already there. The Pasis worked as lathail or stick wielders for the "Upper Caste" landlords and the later had compelled them in past to unite many a times. When the Mandal Commission Report recommended that the Shudras(OBCs) should also be given reservation, students from the 15%, instigated by the RSS and its sister organisations, started agitation encouraging students from previleged 15% castes to protest against the proposals by setting themselves alight so as to cause outrage in the country to stop the proposals also citing caste and not merit as the main consideration for allocation of student enterance into prestigeous education institutions. Jai ho, Why chamar gotar match with jatt gotar, like sidhu,Sandhu etc. We only need look at vienna to realise the extents they are willing to go. Bangar Basra Bhutta Chumber Dugh Jassal Kainth Leer Mahay Mahey Mahi Mall Ranu Simk Singhmar Jassy Chumer Sheemar Heer Banga Bhardwaj Kajla Ram Sandhu Kumar Kumari Singh Jassal Mehmi Janagal Badhan Raju Jhim Lal Dhanda Azad Karra Bassan Loach Choor Karloopia Shivgotra Bangotra Kalsi Angural Thapa Dabi Dalia Attri Dhupad . BECAUSE YOUR ADULTS ARE SO IGNORANT AND ILLITERATE THAT THEY DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO PREVENT BREEDING LIKE ANIMALS. kisi bhi naam s bula lo. chamar ashudh ur gandi caste hai chamar shuar(big) khata hai ur vo shuar guu khata hai ur nale ka pani pita hai is liye chamar guu khata ur guu karke hath nahi dhota hai bahut hi gandi caste hai chamar, jai gurudev . Most of these communities still practize ADi Dharam. Firozpur City -9463301661(Mob. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The ugly head of caste will do no good for anybody . Read Manu smiriti chapter 8 verse 418 it says King should maintain and enforce the caste duty on the the shudras(80% of Indian people) and that if they slip from that duty they would shake the world into chaos. Account No. Or call me at 9888881308 its urgent need 2me. Katkar. SUND surname bhi chamar jatti mai hai.ise bhi add karo please.please, Uhm.. Sandhu bhatti virk are such common jatt last names and im pretty sure others are not chamar.. Plz add in list. I would like to ask them what is there to be proud of being a Chamar when every name associated with Chamars are a matter of hate . 2.Suman ISWAR SINGH IPS H KURUKSHETRA SE VO CHAMAR H PUNJAB POLICE MEIN H please add bisyan, bibyan , kalson, halyan, mehra, nehra. Yes! They conniving with politicians keep the pressure on at every stage from birth till death. Guru Ravidass and all the other Gurus fought for the eradiaction of caste from Indian society and yet this website and many others too seem to be promoting the Brahminical caste system. Sir Maximum Gotra are covering in this list. Parvathamma, C. (1989), Scheduled Castes at the Cross Roads, Ashish Publishing House, Delhi. FACE IT, YOU ARE BORN AS UNTOUCHABLES, SCHEDULED CASTE FOR THE EVIL KARMAS WHICH YOU ARE STILL CONTINUING WITH BY TELLING LIES TO PEOPLE AND STEALING THEIR SURNAMES. Those born, bred and educated in the west find that caste system is a disgusting and antithesis of human value of liberty, equality and fratenity. Please add Surnames such as: no rest until its done. Absolute rubbish. all this surname shit is bolloks, caste is bolloks all of u need 2 get over your selves and understand we are all human beings u bunch of egotistical nothings. And one more thing as we all know that the majority of dalit people comes from punjab but Chamar Caste surnames. Educate yourselves people in the fall of empires kingdom and dynasties people from scheduled casts had no real identities (surnames). If you are educated person plz read Indian history. Yaha blog me likhne ki himmat hai bas kisi chamar k saamne bol ke bata fir dekh kaisi sewa hoti teri, teri maa dea lun kteeda tu saliya punjab a teri bund paad diyange saliya kuttiyaese krke tusi musliya ton bund kutone a sala dulla bhainchod, Beta ab sach bata tum chamar se chidte kyu ho kyuki tumhare purvajo se tumne seekha tha ye cast badi ye chotti or ab jab vahi chotti cast goverment jobs me har jangah tumse aage hote haii tumhe chamar ko salute marna padta usko namaste krni padti chamar k aage jhukna pad raha hai islie rona hai tumhe :p lol verna beta ho kya tum kali kali shakal wale chamar se kahi bhi to aage nahi ho tum :3 moke pe chamar ki tatti tak khaloge tum, Kiya janam se tumhare maathe ya peeth par bhagwan ne koi stamp lgakr bheja hai tum bhraman hai ya jaati ka naam likhkr janam liya hai, ya blood ka Color red ke alawa or ho tujhme color ka blood bta aise bolne se koI mahan ni banta mahan banta hai achhi soch se bhagwan ne sabko ek samaan bnaya hai is liye likhne se pehle soch smjhkr likhna chahiye, stfu moron LOL just cause youre a chamar youre gonna be talking shit on jatts! The first attempt was made in 2004 by Mulayam Singh Yadav. I have a Jat friends who call themselves as Jat Sikhs. as after food , articals of leather n clothing r most essential need of life whether india or any other county. Jatts ignorance and arrogance gets the better of them., Question for the Jatt contributors. The caste system has held back India for centuries untold. now from biyas drirastra n pandav whose wives kunti n madri give birth to so called RAJPUTS FATHER GRAND FATHER GREAT GRAND FATHER ALL BAMANS . But people from the same caste who have already used tge reservation system n become something in their career dont let the seats ro b used by other needy people of their own caste They can let their children use the gen category caste and leave those seats for some needy sc st. Tina Dabi and such people are worse example among that. Phone Please educate yourself before asking people to get their facts right. All respectable social people are informed with great pleasure that the construction of a grand temple (gurudwara) of Saint Shiromani Ravidas Ji Maharaj has been envisaged by the social people, in which a Mangal Bhawan is to be constructed along with the Gurudwara. It is very painful to see that you have write yourself very neech kind of chamar. Can you please add more surnames such as Heer, Banga, Bhardwaj etc. Dabi surname belong to Rajputana. Uttar Pradesh Government adds 17 castes, including Kashyap, Mallah, Kumhar, Rajbhar, Prajapati & others in the list of Scheduled Castes. We are all born the same way. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar ke rule chate h jo padai karega vo aage badega chaye chamar ho chahe tum jaise chhoti soch vale ho argue karne se achha h tum sab higher education lo apni time ko utilized karo ek duse ko nicha dikhne se kuch ni hoga, Akal to tum logo ko hi di bhagwan ne, tabhi to insaan ko insaan nahin samajhta. As long as man has the need for greed. You are so primitive. I. F. S. C. Code no. Sir kairon b 1 surname aw chamara da .. tusi miss kita .. bda dukh lggaa please add it . if father is sudra off sprig from brahman woman shall be chandal , from akstreya woman khatri from vaisya woman vaid/teli/gupta such like equivalent caste names are designed in hindu/sanatan/brahman dharma scriptures though chandal is 50% brahman but none agrees to scientific fact even as people has walked on moon but still it is showpiece on some great guyss head . oh realy.agar aap jatt peoples sach mai insaan ho to respect kro har ek castes ki..mariages kro.hatao cast systm ko.. tenu time dasu jatta de putt.fuking bull shit..and u jagdish sharma ur animal.ek time aouga tu brahmin ho k jutte polish karega.. I have full report of abuse and harrasment. jai gurudev, remove sandhu from the list as soon as possible. thanx. May I state that Sandhu, Sidhu, Sahota and Kalsi ARE Chamar surnames as well as Jatt/Tarkhan Surnames. .. same as sandhu, bains. I am sorry as a brahmin that you have to go through this. is not indicating false pride of jat race that their bahu of kunbi caste claiming rajput while jodha married to mugal akbar happily accepted n kept raja mansing in his service. include. Dalit were out caste and never assigned any caste traditionally so in 1947 ,under SC Act new caste Scheduled Caste ( Schedule / Notification of Govt.) A True humanist everyone can learn from. I know you wont do it but I want you to remove all the Jatt last names posted. The CHOOREYS AND CHAMAARS ARE COUSINS!! not at all true. Better and more honesty I have rarely encountered. I wish you knew how it felt to be a chamar then you would know you Fucking Twat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so disrespectful. hi..just wanted to say i really respect your community.i m not from your castebut wants to tell that you all have definitely reached heights in various sectors of lifeyou should be proud of yourselvesdont feel ashamed or hesitatejust FLAUNT your caste as much as the other so called higher caste morons do for no reasongrab all the sectors and make our stupid govt to realise n to remove the caste system n reservations from our nation at the earliestso that the word CASTE doesnt exist at all mode just isnt its smartest. They take every famous caste to be their own. Thank you , Lun meri di cast a . If you want your page to have any sort of credibillity then sort it out. God can not give with his hand as we are the hands of God! These include: Jassal, kainth, heer, sandhu, bhatti, sahota, sidhu, kalsi, chopra, walia, bhola, johal, virdi, chahal, athwal and more for all I know. Ranga, I am yet to meet any Momis who are Chamar and would be interested to meet any that claim to be. Rojatkar. Please reference the above in your list yo avoid unnecessary confusion. hw da fuk is sandhu nd singh a chamar u fukin dumb asss dnt nw anyfin den dnt post it up , YO BLUD SAHOTA IS A JATT GET UR FUKIN FACTS RIGHT . WAKE UP PUNJABIYO. If you think Im exaggerating, read up and open your eyes. one more thing lot of CHAMAR community people changing their Surname to hide their caste. it is your identity. manuwadi koi galt nhi he uska dhang se na samajhna hi galat soch he. or area, If we study the Varna system carefully it would be revealed that originally there were only four varnas. yaha rakhsha bandhan k kuch din baad mela lagta hai if anyone know about this.. plz reply me full address of the place. i am confused. According to Wikipedia, there is 1100+ Caste living in India which are divided into 4 Caste Category which is SC, ST OBC & General. And yes if you are so concern about birth control, go join a fucking NGO, why are you wasting your time here! It is our birth right and fulfill the the dream of Guru Ravidass and Dr Ambedkar.! Besides soon castes will be things of the past. Political dynasty losing its raj were often thrown out en mass and outcasted. Please also add Bhatoa,as it is also a chamar surname. This Jatt will be skinned alive in ten seconds, we have the innate skills. 92. There is no room for brahminvad in Sikhism. In gods eyes we equal. The label race was given by the British because of their martial fighting spirit in the British Indian Army. Ravidassia religion is just another organisation funded by RSS to break up Sikhi, the sooner you accept this fact the better it is for you people to move on and start accepting Guru Granth Sahib Ji again. Yes we are different. It is you who will go to hell as in Gods house intolerance is decided on earth, as in LOVE, FORGIVENESS, AND UNDERSTANDING. Its a shame in your gurdwara they dont teach you your history . i never heard too many surnames in punjab which belongs to dalit community.Are people like to hide their surnames as they know they belong to lower caste nobody will make them freinds or get talk with them.But if it is like that people from lower caste needs to come forward and tell there surnames proudly and if they ask tell them you are ravidassia sikh. Take SANDHU out of this publishing cause its not good. The Illuminated, agree with you. Grandfather: Nohrya Mall The Nimbhoria is missing from the list, pls. Our surnames are same and similar and too common hence why we dispute they belong to me or you. Gurbani /Sikh spiritual literature : Guru Nanak ji and subsequent gurus strongly opposed the practice of discrimination based on caste in their writigns which are enshrined in the Guru Granth Sahib (What is unique about Guru Granth Sahib?) Under sikh rule Mazabhi won battle of Afghanistan .Since they belong to lower caste the glory never been taught to new generation . When I was at high school the girls found out I was an charmer I was treated very mean and they made sure I newuntil i said get over yourselfso dont anyone tell you what your arebe pure in your heart x. bahanchod ne aadhe surname to jatt ke daal rakhe hai jaise sandhu,singhmar ,singh, sidhu,bal etc. If Jats were merely farmers and caste was merely work relatedhow many Jats were lawyers..did they suddenly become a lawyer caste ??? If all chamars took Amrit we would be equals. If he see himself as a jatt then he is endorsing the caste system; yet if he is Sikh he must reject the caste. Hi there!! Kisi real me needy k liye wo seats chhode. She has moved on but you are still stuck in the past and harbour toxic sentimentality. Why say you belong to something that shouldnt matter at all. Dont try to associate yourself with us. my name is manjeet kaur pal . we shouldnot believe on them . 100. many dalit people sacrifice their lives for sikh religion not only jatts. Chamar/Dalit SURNAMEOrigins of the Chamar Surname There are no clear, concise answers to why or how one of your Chamar/Dalit ancestors took on the surname. hi to everyone, it very good that we should disclose our surname (ghotra), because surname is our identity, so please add your surname to your First name and help other people of our caste to add surname as well. Please stand up so we can make changes and no discrimination based on caste system in th UK. List of Scheduled Castes of Punjab State 1 Ad-Dharmi 2 Barar, Burar or Berar 3 Bangali 4 Batwal 5 Bauria or Bewaria 6 Bazigar 7 It is the 11th most common family name in the world as of August 2019. 8, S: 271-271). JAI HIND..JAI CHAMAAR. Meri jaat kamini paat kamini osha janam hamara !! FOR UTTAR PRADESH. Chandigarh aao mai dikhata hu brahmin bhi aaj jamaadaar ka kaam kar raha hai. Historically subject to untouchability, they were traditionally outside the traditional society ritual ranking system of caste known as Varna. We r one chamar all over INDIA. one time stand infront of mirror and ask yourself u r a jatt or chamaar or etc. Account No. Im not saying that bains summan sandhu atwal heer etc are ONLY jatt names all I am saying is that they are ALSO jatt names.. so all I am asking is that this is referenced in the above top section. sade pind 22 bayie naal jattan di kudi paj gyi nale jehriya gallan tu kadi jana ohna da koi fyada ni hai . according to past and present time we can see warrior skills and bravery in jatt race . Over the last 5000 years these 15% have had RESERVATION over all power structures and kept the shudras oppressed into servitude in perpetuity. Tum sarnagat raja ram chand keh Ravidass Chamara !! If you still claim your a Hindu then carry on believing the caste system and be a product of it because in sikhi there is no caste. ?..PLZ DO REPLY ITS REALLY URGENT. Your comments are based not on any empirical facts or evidence but on ignorance and and prejudice and resentment towards our people and you know it too.Then you go on to say being a chumar or choora now means it is a licence to print money from corruption and thus has increased corruption. much educated and settled on higher posts. Jai Guru Dev, Dhan Guru Dev I know a guy in US who was using Chahal & I though he is jutt though other Sikh guy use to smile when I would talk to this Chahal .. finally came to know that he was Chamar why he said he is Jutt .. by abusing other cast wont get you anywhere ! I have friends who have these names from that community. Chamar, Jatav, Ahirwar, Kureel, Dhusia . Thats my uncles last name but hes a Jatt. etc.. My ancestors would be disgusted if they saw all these egotistical songs and even my family in India that do work hard in farms seven days a week and have the right to use the word Jatt. Kunda l is also a sub caste of Chamar Biradari. locality: charkhi dadri,bhiwani. Would you be prepared to give your daughter or allow your daughter to marry someone lower than your caste? . YOU WILL ALL BURN IN HELL AGAIN, WAIT AND SEE. EWS. Even Guru Nanak Dev Ji said to abolish the caste system! in fact none is superior or inferior by birth but deeds make him so . Sabharwal (Samberwal)bhi to Chamaro Ka goter haiisko bhi Add Karo.ok. Hotkar.kharatmol.sadafule. why ayyub pandit of jammu who was lynched was muslim because pandit is purely bramhans, why bhatti chaudhary chavhaan are muslim ?? Whats that jat saying! just read about him . jatt is alsso hindu and muslims. With the passage of time these occupations firmed up into rigid castes . Not caste. Vinod Kumar WJKK WJKF, I dont think in 2014 caste should matter.. We all bleed and breathe the same..