Christmas Comes Early! Click "Order Thread by Most Liked Posts" button below to get an idea of what the site is about: The threads are running faster than French dogs! Reactions:You, UvulaDonor, CountessPompidoo and 52 others It seems a few other tartlets are soon to join the VIP club. Madame No Stay at the Chateau Gift Vouchers Chateau de Lalande On Instagram - every home has one, including this chateau! An "after" shot of the entrance hall of Chateau de la Ruche. Last thread flew by, but hey what would you expect from a KABOOM that was heard around the world and even proving tattlers right?! But I also don't know any homosexual males who call their boss their girlfriend in public, so there goes that argument. #27 Snorty does love him some old china. Or maybe he got another trip to Disney for being a good little lad but then again he outed them in his. On behalf of this beautiful chateau that will continue to survive and flourish because of you, thank you!! From what I've gathered reading Tattle, some people think he's strayed from their relationship but we don't know the real reason why yet. VISIT THE CHATEAU'S ORGANIC WALLED POTAGER! Actually it's a little hallway behind the wintersalon that connects to the Marquis Apartment. The couple also launched a Patreon account, which has more than 750 subscribers paying from about 4.50-17.50 per month. Well another secret couple has been outed From the Chateau DIY YT comments section (the comments are fantastic!). TURNING A FRENCH CHATEAU INTO A HAUNTED HOUSE FOR HALLOWEEN! The Chateau Diaries #211 There's hoarding, then there's Stephanie Jarvis, who just loves filth!,, Tattle Life is owned and operated by Lime Goss. I'm overwhelmed by. Stephanies dream of owning a romantic chteau filled with friends and family was coming true. The Chateau Diaries 067: Chateau to Catwalk! Most Liked Posts from the previous thread DISCOVER THE SECRET ATTICS OF THE CHATEAU! #378 Another couple now making YouTube videos about life owning a French chateau are British designer Anna Mayrhofer and her Italian filmmaker husband Philipp. The Chateau Diaries: Toads and Champagne! This corner of the Berry was described by the romantic novelist, George Sand, as la valle noire, an enchanting earthly paradise. A big congratulations to @UvulaDonor our latest VIP. Yesterday at 8:06 PM I can't wait. The Chateau Diaries: A Chateau filled with Tango and Peonies! Welcome to Lalande, a Chateau filled with life, love and laughter. REUNITING WITH MY 80 YEAR OLD MOTHER AFTER COVID!!! "I feel more tied to the chateau, but in a really positive way. The threads are flying by, next one is the big 200th - imagine Stephanie Jarvis and the chateauverse doing mischief enough to fill 200 threads on Tattle.Life. We lock threads when they have 1000 posts, click the blue button to see all threads for this topic and find the latest open thread. The REVEAL of the new CHATEAU GARDEN + Preparing the Chateau for Easter. The Chateau Diaries #207 The association is named: Wonker, Tasser, Trollop & Son! Can Nigeria's election result be overturned? KyBourbon I should have made a list. I spent about two years making curtains because there are 100 windows, says Stephanie. Im used to working long shifts as a doctor but there are definitely some what have we done? moments. VIP Member Unless they came to play escape room in a freezing chateau, LOL. Buying a chteau isnt about profit, its not like the London property market, says Stephanie. VIP Member JavaScript is disabled. This one is for all of us. Trying on INCREDIBLE ONE-OF-A-KIND DESIGNER DRESSES, MY 80 YEAR OLD FRENCH MOTHER MEETS MY 25 YEAR OLD BOYFRIEND. Your posts are legendary at this point. !If you're interested in becoming a Patron of The Chateau Diaries, click here: The Chateau Diaries 100: WE MADE IT TO 100 EPISODES!!! n the late-seventeenth century, the Chteau de Lalande fell into the formidable hands of Anne Marie the Duchess of Montpensier, known as La Grande Mademoiselle for her refusal to marry, based on her belief that women were enslaved by the institution. The Chateau Diaries #198 The Shytoo is falling down - but Selmar's campervan is available! As someone correctly noticed here the other day, this is still how she literally sells her story, for example to ETTCDIY viewers and website visitors. I spent about two years making curtains because there are 100 windows, she says. So, my extensive home renovation is in its eighth month. The Chateau Diaries: A SPOT OF RAIN CAN'T STOP US! By supporting creators you love on Patreon, you're becoming an active participant in their creative process. Your support will be used to bring a beautiful 16th century French chateau back to life :). This meant that the money she made from the advertisements on her videos jumped from a few hundred euros to many thousands. Nati's birthday and a mysterious trap door! Sunday at 2:25 Congratulations @graciemckitten for naming the thread, and @Lady Avonlea for nominating it. \"Fair use\" remains in force for film and video. The Chateau Diaries: THE CHATEAU COMES TO LIFE! Want more? Chateau de Lalande Jarvis scoured the French countryside for the perfect chateau, one not too close to major roadways but not too far from important amenities (like cheese shops and good thrift. Tim and Rebecca Jones with series presenter Dick Strawbridge. The Chateau Quarantine Diaries 5: THE ELUSIVE NIC TO THE RESCUE! It seemed there were two very popular nomination, so I fused them together. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of \"fair use\". Oh my, Tattle is encouraging me to do a recap here, won't happenthat would be a mess. 65.5k Followers, 999 Following, 774 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Chatelaine Stephanie Jarvis (@stephanieejarvis) The Chateau Diaries 099: A Triumph of Marble and a Chateau Party, The Chateau Diaries 098: Epiphany & Lalande Tandoori Chicken, The Chateau Diaries 097: The Leaky Past and the Roaring '20s. Wednesday at Congratulations @MsMuir for naming the thread, and @Lady Avonlea for nominating it. The Chateau Diaries: Banana Bread and the Birth of The Hulk! Most Liked Posts from the previous thread: Chateau diaries philip and stephanie x96 mini firmware update 2022 download percy x bianca time travel fanfiction. You have made The Chateau Diaries one of the top 400 Patreon accounts in the world, and have transformed not only our lives here, but the future of this beautiful chateau! CREATING the CHATEAU SHOP in a FRENCH HEATWAVE! I took some creative license to make it proper and make it fit. BUILDING the CHATEAUs new CHICKEN wing!! myserverfix@gmail.comWe will act upon your query immediately: Thank you for your respect and tolerance.Copyright Disclaimer:Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for \"fair use\" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Le Comte de Monte Cristo The Chateau Diaries 113: THE FABERGE PLATES ARE GO! The Chateau Diaries #217 This Superbowl you've mentioned, is it by Wedgewood? How anyone who is fit and able to work can reach middle-age without working is beyond me. ANTIQUING IN VENICE + NEW FACADE PLANS + LAKE UPDATE! Jules100 #354 "It escalated so fast, it was unbelievable," she says. "But we get more and more advertising money, and it started to become almost like a salary.". However, Ms Jarvis admits that she didn't factor in just how expensive it would be to pay for the upkeep of such a huge, old building. When I was Squirrelnutkins age, I used to: The other thread is still open (quotes still usable)does someone have to close it out? What a step down that is. #614 Congratulations @ploppityplop2 for naming the thread, and @Lady Avonlea for nominating it, very au currant at the moment. kimodra 9 mo. Tuesday at 2:50 AM The Chateau de Lalande, a magnificent 16th century chateau, lies nestled in the heart of France, amidst rolling meadows, ancient hedgerows and woodland. New Economy is a new series exploring how businesses, trade, economies and working life are changing fast. The Chateau Diaries: THE TRAY THAT RENOVATED A CHATEAU! I shall leave it to someone more capable. Their YouTube channel - How To Renovate A Chateau (Without Killing Your Partner) - now has 133,000 subscribers, and brings in regular advertising revenue. Access to the weekly Exclusive Patreon-only videos, Become a benefactor of the registered non-profit Chateau de Lalande Association, which is dedicated to restoring and renovating the chateau! What happens when I transform into Dan the Gardener??? Presenter Dick Strawbridge also arrives to help her restore a 19th century bread oven so she can host pizza evenings at the chteau, while his wife, Angel Adoree, helps Stephanie source antique frames for her fathers paintings. I sense a theme here. You have made The Chateau Diaries one of the top 400 Patreon accounts in the world, and have transformed not only our lives here, but the future of this beautiful chateau! The Chateau Diaries #200 At Lalande there is no accounting for taste, and no taste for acounting! SECRET TV PROJECTS REVEALED - Decorating the Entrance Hall & Pigeon Tower!!! The couple have their first wedding booked in for this year, a local French affair, with a grand British wedding to follow next year. 55 seconds ago Let's continue the fun! Thursday at 11:49 AM asbestos removed and the electrics and heating entirely replaced. The Chateau Diaries #212 So, Philip is a prostitute? VIP Member So in April 2021, Ms Leach, her partner, sister and their parents pooled their financial resources to buy the 12-bedroom, 13th-Century Chateau du Puy Vidal in Charente, southwest France, for 2.2m (1.8m). Most Liked Posts from the previous thread I watched some older eps of Escape to the . #615 Then Ms Jarvis had a brain wave. Just wondering if Stephanie can make a career out of this? Sign up for exclusive newsletters, comment on stories, enter competitions and attend events. Congratulations @mrsp67 our newest VIP, thread #216 is yours to name. I'm overwhelmed by. Stephanie Jarvis has appeared on Escape to the Chateau's DIY TV show & YouTube, The Chateau Diaries. Your support will be used to bring a beautiful 16th century French chateau back to life :), A 10% discount granted by the B&B on stays at the Chateau de Lalande. #2 The 16th Century Chateau de Lalande. Its about accepting that all your spare money will go into this chteau for the rest of your life. I started last thread Thursday, now it's Sunday morning. :ROFLMAO: ;) Congratulations @TorontoGWM for naming the thread. Monday at 9:39 PM See all 5 levels 4,147 patrons $35,675 per month About Stephanie Jarvis Goals $30,000 - reached! 18th century panelling for the chateau!!! The Chateau Diaries 103: BROCANTES AND A SPOILT MICHAEL, The Chateau Diaries 102: NEW YORK, VERMONT & SQUIRRELS.