The most qualified candidates will move forward with phone interviews. The 4-week practicum experience is open to Child Life students as well as to those interested in the field and is lead by experienced Certified Child Life Specialists. At Providence Children's Health, we understand children's bodies and minds react differently than adults to injury, illness, medications and therapy. Our child life program is the largest of its kind in New Mexico. On level 4 of Seattle Children's, by the Frog elevator. We currently have 19 full time specialists and continue to grow. Please call the Child Life Office at (417) 820-3457 for available tour times. Shift: Days. Professional certification is available to qualified candidates through the Child Life Certification Commission. Each practicum week will consist of five days including some full and partial day commitments. Our Child Life team understands that sick and injured children still need to have fun and play in the hospital. (2009) The Handbook of Child Life, A Guide for Pediatric Psychosocial Care, Charles C, Thomas, Publisher, Springfield, IL, We would encourage you complete a Course Work Review Application through the Association of Child Life Professionals website. Thompson, Richard. Our child life specialists are members of your childs care team. This includes special visitors, weekly video bingo games, a costume closet, music and animal-assisted therapy. The child life practicum is organized to give students the opportunity to gain insight and exposure to the child life profession and help students understand the unique needs of hospitalized children and their families. To apply, fill out the ACLP Internship Readiness Common Application form . Official Documents of the Child Life Council. The role of the Child Life Therapist is to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate psychosocial patient/family needs for patients aged neonatal to 17 years . Inpatient Pediatrics/Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Have completed a minimum of three child development courses, Have completed a minimum of 50 volunteer hours in a childrens hospital or under direct supervision of a certified child life specialist, and. Standard #1: The child life practicum is largely an observational experience with child life practicum students beginning to engage in independent play and developmentally supportive interventions with infants, children, youth, and families as deemed appropriate by the supervising Certified Child Life Specialists (CCLS). All students must be affiliated with a university/educational institution, this includes any postgraduate students. The Child Life Practicum at Swedish Medical center is designed to prepare individuals for a future in the field of Child Life. Standard #4: Child life practicum hours should be completed in an appropriate setting that provides the child life practicum student with the opportunity to observe and learn from psychosocial interventions that assist infants, children, youth, and families coping with the stress and uncertainty of illness, injury and treatment. The ACLP has a wealth of resources for students and child life specialists, including membership opportunities, webinars, forums and general information. To gain an initial acquaintance with the needs of hospitalized children and to observe creative and flexible programming in meeting these needs. Application The practicum program is 6 weeks and requires a minimum of 120 hours spent in the hospital. During the practicum, the student will complete three rotations; observe interventions that support children, adolescents and their families within the healthcare system. Program overview. Our philosophy continues as intern-ready students leave our program and begin their own careers continuing to support children as experienced, knowledgeable, and confident professionals. It is our belief that previewing a variety of clinical skills in addition to prerequisite traditional hospital volunteering fully prepares a determined student for a child life internship and truly highlights a child life specialists multifaceted role. Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite. They are also certified by the Association of Child Life Professionals. Trained in child development, child life specialists provide age-appropriate support to children and families during medical experiences. Practicum students will have the opportunity to observe the Child Life Specialist facilitate pre-procedural . 1001 Johnson Ferry Road NE. The practicum session is held during the month of July. Child life practicum offers you time to build your passion and begin to explore your beliefs about the needs of children in the health care system. (312) 942-9020. Pre-operative and pre-procedural preparation, Planning and supervising developmentally appropriate activities while working with individuals and groups. Our child life specialists hold bachelors or masters degrees in child development or related fields. The practicum is structured so that students will complete 12 hours a week for the first 11 weeks, usually broken up into 2 - 6 hours days to get the most benefit, and then a total of 18 . Call 1-866-278-5833 (TTY: 1-901-595-1040), St. Jude Children's Research Hospital - Homepage, Child Life Practicum Student Recommendation Form, Commonly Asked Questions About the Child Life Profession, Disclaimer / Registrations / Copyright Statement, Verification of any Child Life volunteers hours with children in a hospital if applicable (number of hours completed by application deadline), Currently enrolled in at least their sophomore year of college in a related field with applicable course work (graduated students are also eligible), Minimum of a 3.5 GPA both cumulative and in major, Transcripts from all colleges attended (unofficial copies acceptable), Work or volunteer experience with healthy children outside a hospital setting documented on application or resume (no minimum time requirement). Shifts are scheduled on weekdays between 7:00am and 6:00pm with shifts and times changing throughout the summer based on staff schedules and availability. The Child Life team works to meet the developmental, psychosocial, and emotional needs of patients and their families by providing the following services: Facilitating medical play opportunities to help children better understand their hospital experience. Internship and Practicum Opportunities Child Life offers internships in the Fall and Spring semesters and practicum experiences in the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters for those pursuing child life as a career. Child life practicum hours should be completed in an appropriate setting that provides the child life practicum student with the opportunity to observe and learn from psychosocial interventions that assist infants, children, youth, and families coping with the stress and uncertainty of illness, injury and treatment.. Approved settings can include: Internship with Remote Supervision under Extenuating Circumstances, Child Life Certification Commission (CLCC). Resume. Through a focus on the early childhood period from prenatal through age 8 years, students examine dynamics among children, families, schools, communities, and cultures that have lasting impacts . For additional information, please reach out to Mollie Saults, BS, CCLS, Child Life Intern Coordinator. Child life specialists are prepared at the bachelors and masters levels in Child Life, Child Development and other related fields. We provide a range of activities to encourage kids to be kids. Our child life specialists work with patients and families to help children feel more comfortable and more in control of their hospital stay. Experience withChildren in aMedical Setting, Minimum of 50 hours working or volunteering directly with children in a medical setting (hospital, clinic, medical camp, etc. Shriners Hospitals for Children is a 501( c )(3) non-profit organization, commonly known as Shriners Childrens. A minimum of 80 hours (40 hours with typically developing children, 40 hours with either children who are atypically . Our child life specialists offer pre-op tours once a week by appointment only to help prepare children for upcoming surgeries. Medical play can help children feel informed and give your child a sense of control while becoming familiar with hospital equipment. Association of Child Life Professionals-. And because we are the teaching hospital for the Texas Tech School of Medicine, UMC has over 30 pediatric specialists on staff. Pre-Op Tours. Child Life Department - Practicum Committee Phoenix Children's Hospital 1919 East Thomas Road Phoenix, AZ 85016 Please direct any questions to Downloads Child Life Practicum Application Donate Your support is critical for us to offer expert, family-centered care. Due to the uncertainties of COVID-19 in the coming year, upcoming sessions may be subject to change. Appropriate fields of study and experience include child life, child development, education, family studies, or related fields. Child Life Practicum Coordinator. Typically, in a two-week period, students will spend either 4, 10-hour shifts or 5, 8-hour shifts at the hospital. A child life specialist can help families in many ways: Help ease a child's fear and anxiety through therapeutic and recreational play activities or through encouraging healthy expression of feelings Encourage a child's cooperation with and understanding of a medical procedure Play an important role in providing hope, healing and care for our patients. All rights reserved. All interested applicants should complete and submit: For the Spring and Summer semesters, we follow the ACLP guidelines for application deadlines and accept all applicants that meet the above qualifications. This gives them an outlet for fears they cant say out loud. The school re-entry program is ideal for any child who has experienced a burn injury, trauma or diagnosis that has caused substantial changes to the childs lifestyle and/or aspect of self. A practicum placement is highly recommended and often required for those considering a Child Life Specialist career. Typically, in a two-week period, students will spend either 4, 10-hour shifts or 5, 8-hour shifts at the hospital. Students will have the opportunity to become familiar with: Applications for the practicum program must be emailed by January 5th. Customize your experience. A Child Life Practicum provides students who are majoring in Child Life, Family Studies, Child Development, or a related field the opportunity to work with hospitalized children under the supervision of a certified Child Life Specialist. Child Family Life Practicum. Interns must have completed curriculum in child development and related course work. Fax: 210-704-2454. The Child Life Practicum is designed to provide foundational skills in essential Therapeutic Play and Applied Child Development in the Healthcare Environment. These observed clinical interventions may include diagnostic teaching, surgical preparation, medical play, bereavement, and assessment. Call the Child Family Life Department for more information: 952-892-2256. Available only at OSU-Cascades. Spinal cord injury occurs when nerves in the spinal column in the center of the back are damaged. The Child Life Department at Children's Hospital Los Angeles offers a full time, 600 hour internship over 15 weeks, practicing in accordance with the requirements and standards set forth by the Association of Child Life Professionals (ACLP). The goal of child life services is to help kids: Cope with their illness Heal physically and emotionally Express themselves Use their creativity and imagination Socialize with other children Boost their self-esteem Gain independence Cope with and decrease anxieties about their health condition and/or hospitalization Personalized care Through experiential learning and observation of Certified Child Life Specialists, child life practicum students begin to increase their knowledge of evidence-based, developmentally-appropriate interventions including therapeutic play, preparation and education that support and reduce fear, anxiety and pain for infants, children, youth and The Intermountain Child Life Practicum is an observational experience offered through Utah's premier healthcare system. Certified Child Life Specialists (CCLS) must pass the Child Life Professional Certification Examination. The staff in our child life departments are trained professionals available to help you and your child have a positive experience during hospital stays and clinic visits. ACLP is comprised of more than 5,000 individuals representing at least 600 organizations worldwide. As members of your health care team, they work directly with your child to reduce anxiety and stress during medical procedures or hospitalization. Developmentally supported play: We support your childs healthy development and growth with play in your room or in one of our four well-equipped playrooms. Shifts are scheduled on weekdays between 7:00am and 6:00pm with shifts and times changing throughout the summer based on staff schedules and availability. Students are strongly encouraged to become a member of the Association of Child Life Professionals ( They work with our doctors, nurses, social workers and others to meet the unique emotional, developmental, and cultural needs of each child and family. The 12 - 15 week (with a minimum of 100 hours) practicum provides students an opportunity to become familiar with the role and responsibilities of a Child Life Specialists. Applicants must have successfully completed a minimum of 50 hours in a hospital or closely related setting with children and families (i.e., volunteer work, paid work, or field placement, Applicants must have at least 25 hours of experience with WELL infants, children, youth and/or families, Transcripts from college or university (official or unofficial), Resume and two professional letters of reference(one from someone who has directly observed your work with children and one from a professor/academic advisor).