Dejan Kovacevic. 49ers talk has been a staple of the station long before the deal was made. Confrontation, police involved, etc. If making the Hall of Fame is about big moments in big situations and Edelman deserves induction for his MVP performance in Super Bowl LIII, wheres that leave Plaxico Burress? We do t need a Dumb Bush. I always find it funny when someone comes out and says a rumour is 100% not true, but then goes on to say they have no fucking clue what actually happened. Certainly we all compete against one another, but when there's someone in need, there are no allegiances --- we are all, plainly, Pittsburghers. Found the internet! And Im five, maybe 10 feet from the guy, and boom. Are there certain schools that have more success developing certain positions?? Bush topped off the tweet with a skull emoji, then hit the send button to distribute that very disturbing cat death to all of his football followers on Twitter. Cookie Settings/Do Not Sell My Personal Information. She went to Children's Hospital complaining of hip pain; they told us she has leukemia. 2.) As I pull down, it still doesnt hit the guy that a car is coming towards him. The station will carry every regular and postseason San Francisco 49ers game beginning with the 2023 season. He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is an American. Log In Sign Up. 2. Should it stain him forever? What an awesome start to Football Friday.Pulled into parking lot and caught a guy about to break into @_adamcrowleys car. This time, they had better nip it in the bud before it bites them on the butt. On file we have 31 email addresses and 25 phone numbers associated with Colin in area codes such as 585, 317, 407, 352, 850, and 9 other area codes. Later, Crosby was seated on the bench and gesticulating for an official to call a slashing penalty and a water bottle slipped out of his left hand and onto the ice: I love Sidney Crosby and hate the play on Subban and the immature, pettish throwing of the water bottle on the ice. Create new account. Jim Colony is an American radio sportscaster who currently works at the Pittsburgh station KDKA-FM, a.k.a. But if Bush implodes on social media, so may go the Steelers strongest argument for 2021 the Defense: No question. Stanley Cup Final 2017: Sidney Crosby's pugnacity leads to hockey 'fight' between Pittsburgh radio hosts, Get Penguins Stanley Cup championship gear. 1.) The Baseball Hall of Fame is the first of its kind. The notion that Edelman should even remotely be considered for the Hall of Fame is utterly laughable. Mark Madden: Jakob Chychrun would help Penguins reach the playoffs, but does that move make sense? On Madden NFL 23, Carlos Dunlap II has an Overall Rating of 75 with Smaller Speed Rusher Archetype and has a Long Stride Awkward Running Style. The pinata finally hit back. There was another reporter that says its bull. Heres Bushs still-published tweet making fun of the cats fatal fall: The only time I seen a cat not land on its feet omg ! "There's no place better you can be right now," Dr. Marks said. We are the premier subreddit to talk everything hockey! He went on to make claims that Dunlap went after his sponsors, something woke people like to do in cancel culture. This just in: Pgh Dad Jr (@colin_dunlap) was out in the hallway during his show this morning berating one of the show's advertisers. This may be the right one. Pittsburgh hasnt had a reason to get excited about a home towner in a major fight since Paul Spadafora ruined his boxing career by shooting his fiancee in the chest. At this point, I got out of my car and I said Listen, its gonna happen one way or the other. I immediately contacted Dr. Stanley Marks, the Chairman of the UPMC Cancer Center and a giant in oncology who I've known for more than 20 years. To laugh at the abject fear another living thing felt just moments before death, I just cant with that shit. Theres simply no time for any encores when it comes to the Steelers stomach-turning social media sideshow that has plagued this Pittsburgh team in seasons past. Ward was no post-season slouch, either: He got a Super Bowl MVP, just like Edelman. He talked about Bronny James. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. ***k Subban. He reports on the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates and Pitt football and basketball. Same for Poni as hes another hack job employed by the b team. When they never are. 93.7 The Fan, serving (as co-host) on The Fan Morning Show with Colin Dunlap and Chris Mack. Bush insists theres nothing to see here. Problem is, all this amounts to the same old sickening song when it comes to Steelers social media, virtually all of it a detriment to the team: Logging on to check on Steelers Twitter The bottom line is this: The Steelers seem to have yet another social media problem. In quest of answers, Ive rounded up all the harsh reactions to Bushs recent eyebrow-raising run on social media in this very cat-friendly but Bush-bashing edition of the Steelers Update Podcast. In 2007, Jim was voted among Americas Top 100 sexiest males, finishing 14th, in Health Magazine. or Fox's Colin Cowherd is the gold standard for national sports radio hosts. It can be both. Taken together, Steelers social media has sadly become a race to the bottom: Its like the Steelers are having a competition on who can embarrass themselves the most on social media. Subban during Thursdays 6-0 Pittsburgh victory in Game 6. The above line graph shows his Madden 23 Rating Weekly Movement while below are his Madden 23 Attributes. Didnt she recently get fired from a right wing radio station? 49ers insider Rob Stats Guerrero makes regular appearances with Cattles & Ramie during the football season. 2023 Advance Local Media LLC. Go Steelers! Calijah Kancey can RUN. Wes Welker was Edelman before New England had Edelman. For cat-loving Pittsburgh radio host Mark Madden, however, the choice is clear: Madden wasnt done. Instead, feline-loving Steelers fans have their claws out for the once-revered linebacker. Its an argument straight off a grade-school playground. Copyright 2023 Sporting News Holdings Limited. Then we repeat the next day until we beat this. The video, which was posted by another account and since then seems to be disappearing then reappearing on the site, shows two people trying rescue a cat many floors above the ground. The Steelers have a clown culture. It's Major League Baseball, not Yough High School." A harmless, off-the-cuff post to many, yes. I thank you to the people I work with at CBS who jumped in to comfort my family. I hope he does it to Ekholm on Sunday. See more of Mark Madden "The Super Genius" on Facebook. There's no need to draw it out or bore you with the details, I'll just shoot it straight. Each seems a bloated parody of what it set out to be. Never mind the gold jacket. And why stop with just bashing Bush. Knee is looking good! League vice president of officiating and rules innovations and NFL on FOX rules analyst Dean Blandino told Nick Wilson and Dustin Fox on 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland on Tuesday that the XFL knew that some of the new rules would be received well. Im talking, of course, about the on-going battle between Mark Mr. Mike DeCourcy is a Senior Writer at The Sporting News. Shouldnt performance and numbers speak clearly, with no need for embellishment? Pitt has had enough of AB and Bell. Monday afternoon the chirping got a bit more intense, and a lot more personal. Additionally, the access to replay reviews has served fans well. In fact, the Steelers full-service linebacker argued he was simply supplying Steelers Nation with plenty of free entertainment: Free entertainment @ the click of a button and its FREE!! I think the NFL could do some things where they could be more transparent and help the fans to understand the process thats taking place, he said. Then he walks back towards Crowleys car towards the drivers side. Or simply click and listen, right here, right now: By way of background, Bush quote-tweeted a very twisted video of a cat rescue gone wrong. During this game show phase, in which he was referred to as "Colonelberg", "Wink" and most recently "Dutch", Colony was responsible for coming up with the majority (read all) of the categories and questions for each show. Dunlap then made a lap around the parking lot before returning to his normal parking spot, while waiting inside to see if the person also returned. Each would benefit by taking 50 people out before putting anybody else in. He says you need to give Granlund some time to settle in before you judge him. DEC 29, 2022; BONUS: Super 70s Sports | 'Hey Mayne' . Because I spent a long time at the NFL and if people dont agree with the call, its very difficult to convince them why after the fact. Jordan Bondurant is a features reporter for Barrett Sports Media. So I got no problem. I know that we have many from sports radio, tv, blogs and what not. its the same ol exhausted taking points day after day. It's happened to him repeatedly. . EPIC ENDING! I blocked him on Twitter. Before Friday morning's show, 93.7 The Fan host Colin Dunlap caught and confronted a would-be burglar in the parking lot before the show began. I get it. Community curated front page of Pittsburgh's place on the internet. Its not just Bush cackling on twitter as that poor, plunging cat entered the twilight zone. The second best result is Colin Gilbert Dunlop age 40s in Queen Creek, AZ. Maybe he was trying to trade Letang for three defenseman with the lowest corsi score in the league. We take calls on the Nick Bonino trade. They're gonna go 7-10. Mark was referring to a twitter feud turned charitable cause in 2018 that stemmed from Dunlap calling out Steeler wideout Ryan Switzer: The moment was indeed wholesome as the two (Switzer and Dunlap) decided to donate to Childrens Hospital for every catch Switzer pulled in for the rest of the 2018 season (15). TribLIVE's Daily and Weekly email newsletters deliver the news you want and information you need, right to your inbox. Ex-Steelers receiver Emmanuel Sanders also has better numbers than Edelman. People such as Mark Madden, Randy Baumann, Bill Crawford and Mikey and Bob all saying something on the air down the dial and reaching out privately to me? Others insist Bush simply needs a big time-out on all his screen time: D Bush needs to log off and find his head space. Two minutes later, here comes the guy circling back the other way, looks into (93.7 The Fan producer) Greg Finleys car, which is parked in a different part of the lot. One year later, Madden had a similar charitable cause in place with Switzer as well: Given Switzers performance on the field over the past two seasons, it seems that Maddens approach may have been more effective. Warning: some R-rated language ensues: Ok so the cat video is super upsetting, and as the owner of two cats now and other cats in the past I wouldnt give a single fuck if they cut Devin Bush tonight. See more of Mark Madden "The Super Genius" on Facebook. He caught the winning touchdown that ended New Englands undefeated season in Super Bowl XLII. What a POS. Sanders has more catches (662-620), more receiving yards (8,619-6,822) and more touchdowns (47-36). /*# sourceMappingURL=*/4 more replies. The two sides announced a multiyear agreement on Wednesday. Baseball Broadcasts Do Not Need Rules Analysts, Maggie Gray Is Thrilled to Thrive On A National Stage, Warner Bros. (File Photo). What about this, @ThePoniExpress ? Blandino said when it comes to NFL officiating, more real-time explanation of what replay officials are actually looking at and how a call is made would go a long way in helping the league gain more credibility. 331 votes, 108 comments. Just cant stand him. Surprised Rossi didnt claim he was trying to trade Malkin, just for old times sake. Log off for a bit. But the way Pittsburgh has rallied behind us and with us has been so much stronger. What Bush found funny, cat lovers across Steelers Nation saw as callously cruel and very, very disturbing. Colin Dunlap of Pittsburgh's The Fan Morning Show lashed out at NBC's coverage of the Steelers' Wild Card playoff loss, focusing on on Jac Collinsworth. He told Dan Patrick that he wants to be the voice of fans and help shape the rules of the game to reflect what people can see with their own two eyes. Check out his latest Steelers podcast every Wednesday afternoon wherever podcasts are found. He was born in Boston, raised in Keene, New Hampshire, and graduated from the University of New Hampshire. He won three Super Bowls. #Steelers USC is one of his "Last Four Bye" teams and they're receiving a 10 seed. Madden, who often refers to anyone from 93.7 The Fan as The B Team, began with subtle jabs at Dunlap and crew after the Steelers were eliminated from playoff contention. . Design a site like this with, Early Odds Out for 2020 Great Pierogi Races, The Steeler Fan Guide For Who To Root Against on Championship Sunday. Where if you could come in and say heres what happened, heres why and when necessary admit you know what we missed this one and were gonna fix it, and were gonna correct it going forward. Maddens trope is that of a pessimistic, pissed-off sports fan that loves to complain about his team. Mark Madden enjoys referring to Colony's wife, Linda, as Lorraine and his kids as Petey and Jim Jr.[citation needed], Last edited on 11 February 2023, at 00:40, Learn how and when to remove this template message,, This page was last edited on 11 February 2023, at 00:40. In his professional life, he is a journalist who currently works as a host for 93.7 The Fan. We have a MASSIVE scandal here at AUDACY headquarters. BREAKING PENGUINS NEWS. The hockey skirmish that kicked up Friday afternoon did not involve high sticks, wandering elbows or even that time-honored tradition known as face-washing. Related Pages . Colony, Super Jackass," a take off of the original segment "Mr. Madden, Super Genius." Home About 8@8 Advertise Agents Alumni Brandon Contes Brandon Kravitz Danny O'Neil Dave Greene Jay Mariotti Matt Fishman Rob Guerrera Ryan Glasspiegel Ryan Maguire Seth Everett Stan Norfleet Bio To call him colossal to medicine in our city would be a significant understatement. Wendy Bell and John Steigerwald are my most hated. Discuss the NHL, AHL, KHL, PHF, IIHF and every other hockey league you can think The mod team does not endorse/condone this post, but have flaired it so users can come to their own conclusions as more news develops. Mark Madden Mark Madden (WXDX) The Fan Early Morning Show Audacy DK Pittsburgh Sports: Daily podcasts on Steelers, Penguins, Pirates! @MarkMaddenX" GET MONEY, Quickest K of all time. Carlos Dunlap II is a 33-year old American professional football player who plays at the Left Defensive End (LE) position for the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL. And Crosbys teammate, Evgeni Malkin, punctuated that situation with a searing shot over Pekka Rinnes glove hand for a 3-0 lead. Verified account Protected Tweets @; Suggested users Hear why in this hair-raising edition of the Steelers Update Podcast from PennLive, located just below. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. It doesnt open. He said he would rather have Blueger than Bonino. But hey, at least hes not on TikTok, I guess. I just don't like the way he did it. 2023 Trib Total Media | All Rights Reserved. Genuine Yinzer takes on all things sports and entertainment. The NFLs competition committee has already held two meetings this week in Indianapolis ahead of the start of the NFL Scouting Combine. I love that our fans and anyone watching the game can listen in to our replay process, see what were doing.. Use of and/or registration on any portion of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your Privacy Choices and Rights (each updated 1/26/2023). I point out that they've underachieved for 10 yrs& collapsed the last 3. Journalism is fucking dead. Here's the thing: I think JuJu's an immature punk. But nobody thinks Ward is making the Hall of Fame, except perhaps Ward. Weve gone from Babe Ruth to Julian Edelman. Or will we finally get to see a physical conclusion to this ongoing media war that were all asking for? DKPS Podcast Network, Dejan Kovacevic Jordan also contributes occasional coverage of the Washington Capitals for the blog NoVa Caps. Still, its just social media, right? Our commitment to sports in Northern California has never been bigger and we are thrilled to be partners with one of the NFLs premiere franchises to continue the growth of SacTown Sports.. His resignation had NOTHING to do with roster-related or contract matters. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. It turns out the two men could have squashed all beef right then and there as they were only feet away from the ring: Pittsburgh would have loved it. Ask him if using it the way he has been could potentially serve as a detriment how people view both him and the organization.Yes, no one has been hurt-but maybe just check in w Bush. Create new account. The former first-round draft pick and third-year linebacker was supposed to be busy rehabbing his injured knee. Andrew, you are so far off-base here. It started with Maddens tweet regarding the dichotomy between fans of Phil Kessel and Kris Letang, which personally I thought was hilarious: Dunlap clapped back with some fighting words: One fan intervened (tweet unavailable), and a response from Dunlap set off a string of arguments between the two radio hosts: Not the toughest response Ive ever seen from Mark. And I start walking towards him. So much so, many are openly wondering what is going on with Bush. Fellow radio host Colin Dunlap called for the Steelers to conduct an intervention with the increasingly bizarre Bush: Steelers should have a long talk with Devin Bush about his social media. If fans at home are screaming at their TV that the call that was just made makes no sense, then the NFL should be listening. You know, lets change the catch rule! And when they can see it actually happening they may not always agree, but they have a better understanding, and gives them I think a better overall feeling about officiating. Is she still active though? We get back to Calijah Kancey's 40 from yesterday. To wit: FYI my mental health is at its all time high. More like this, Devin, and were all good: Devin Bush juggling on one leg. Fillipponi has been known to take a contrarian viewpoint of the teams in the. I'm legit ***king pissed. Edelman didnt get enough respect from his fellow players to get voted to the Pro Bowl a single time. The debate died there, although neither mentioned that the play in question led to both Subban and Crosby being penalized, which led to a 4-on-4 situation near the end of the first period. His resignation had NOTHING to do with roster-related or contract matters. Dan Patrick liked the idea. Fifty people in a bar can tell the tuck rule? Clearly D Bush cant handle fame. Madden answered an hour later, censoring his own profanity: ***k that. Heres another way to drive the point home and still maintain local flavor. Its some man. It's incredible the Devin Bush was stupid enough to RT that cat video, &make a joke about it. Ward has 380 more catches, 49 more touchdowns, four Pro Bowls to Edelmans none, three second-team All-Pro selections to Edelmans none. Keith thinks that college basketball players should be paid. Dunlap then said he called 911 and reported the incident, noting two-minutes later three police officers were on the scene. Log In. Those five men define elite. Dunlap on the other hand, is more of a die-hard. Mark Madden . Especially if the return was multiple NHL proven and/or ready defenseman. I'm waiting on the friendly neighborhood stooge Mark Madden to show up and say he was trading Crosby for a new coaching staff or something. Subban has punched Sid in the head repeatedly this series. November 14, 2016 / 3:00 PM And I love it. If its true, not a cool move by Dunlap. So is Claypool. Jim has a wife (Linda) and two sons (Chris and Pat with Chris being the most athletic) and currently resides in Richland, a suburb of Pittsburgh. ESPN hates hockey, but we don't! The San Francisco 49ers have a new home on the radio in Californias state capital. Its not, said Dunlap. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. John Luciew is an award-winning reporter for PennLive and a 25-year Steelers season ticket-holder. Thank you for your concern, Said my brain capacity was that of Albert Einstein , Isaac Newton & Elon Musk. But that's why I love this place, that's why I love Pittsburgh. Its a classic battle Ive seen take place amongst the fellow Pittsburghers for decades, typically outside bars or during tailgates. Foxs Colin Cowherd is the gold standard for national sports radio hosts. Mark Madden: Back to being a distraction, JuJu Smith-Schuster shows who he really is an immature punk After wideout JuJu Smith-Schuster left Pittsburgh and signed with Kansas City during the. Because there are far bigger problems up and down this 2021 roster - and across that harsh Steelers schedule. "Who Wants to Win 15 Bucks" is now on hiatus. Double M has a point here. Blandino mentioned that the NFL does try to clarify calls after games, but he felt that it was too generic and didnt really help people understand. On Madden NFL 23, Carlos Dunlap II has an Overall Rating of 75 with Smaller Speed Rusher Archetype and has a Long Stride Awkward Running Style. An ad every 30 seconds it feels like. The Pro Football Hall of Fames election process is flawed. "@colin_dunlap This is coming from the same guy who complained about the lines at Kennywood this summer. Even Steelers-player apologists were without words following Bushs cat-fall post: I defend Steelers to a fault.Then @_Dbush11 posted that cat video.Today is a disappointing day. Is he about to become another Antonio Brown, who was great on the field but became downright bizarre on social media? More Local News to Love Start today for 50% off Expires 3/6/23. I am still a human with flaws cmon ppl. Hes now a radio host. Madden couldnt be without the last word of course. #Steelers There is, perhaps, no Pittsburgher who seismically changes more lives on a daily basis than Dr. Marks. He said Sullivan didn't seem to know too much about Granlund, which could mean there's a disconnect between the GM and coach. He says you need to give Granlund some time to settle in before you judge him. Penguins deadline moves, Pitt in trouble? And certainly not if Bush becomes another AB: Right on. Should a Hall of Fame require campaigning? His column and podcast are presented from the obsessively over-informed perspective of an avid Steelers fan. All rights reserved (About Us). Yes. But Edelman is more of a Tom Brady creation than he is a Hall-of-Famer. #Steelers If Edelman gets inducted, it could open the floodgates for a lot of ex-Steelers receivers. I normally park two spots away from Crowley and I back in. Maybe this will be a lesson in how one reacts to a player producing a TikTok video for fun. No. We are humbled that Pitt running back James Conner --- a kid who gritted and gnashed through his own cancer battle the way he does through opposing linebackers --- took the time to reach out to my daughter. ! It started in 1936, and the first class inducted was Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson and Walter Johnson. As experts in quality, entertaining, and informative sports coverage, SacTown Sports and Bonneville International will be the perfect partners to help us connect with existing and new 49ers fans in the area.. He added the man was a junkie looking guy who he didnt fear was armed or dangerous.